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Exploring West Kennet Long Barrow

A brief,silent and shaky video taken in 2001 inside West Kennet Long Barrow, Wiltshire (Apple Quicktime mov file).

Webmaster's note : When I got my DV video camera about six or seven years ago now, I was intending to put some video clips online here. There were a few issues however. The file sizes tended to be huge for commonly available bandwidth at the time. And then I thought 'hey, we're talking about rocks here, rocks don't move around too much - so, what's the point of having moving pictures of them?'

I recently got to thinking that one area that might be interesting would be a movie taken inside a barrow. I remembered that I had taken this footage back in 2001 and dug the tape out.

This has been very crudely edited together and I just zapped the soundtrack as it was full of me cursing the fact I'd not brought a torch with me. So, it's silent, it's probably pretty jerky and it's far from a professional job - but I thought it might just be of some value to those who live a long way from West Kennet and probably wouldn't get a chance to see inside.

If this trial works out okay then I might just see about going back and doing the job properly, and seeing what other things I can dig out of my video archives.

My apologies for the very 'home movie' quality of this - but then, that's exactly what it is!

I have also published a similar short movie showing repair work being carried out at the top of Silbury Hill following the collapse of May 2000. You can view it here.


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