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Let’s face it. We love gold. There has never been a substance that is so sumptuously sleek, shiny, exquisitely beautiful and incredibly rare. Because of this, it has been a large part of civilisation for thousands of years, worshipped, adored and highly coveted.

This article will discuss the history of gold worship and how we still incorporate it into our culture, stories and everyday lives today.

When did gold worship start?

People have been worshipping gold since the time of the Ancient Incans and Egyptians. The Ancient Greeks were the first to adopt the gold, silver and bronze reward system. This is because gold, silver and bronze were said to reflect the three ages of man with gold depicting a time where man was at one with the gods. The Ancient Egyptians saw gold as being the flesh of the gods. This is because gold has a similar colour to the light of the sun.

Gold also crops up a lot in the Bible - the story of the Ark of the Covenant is one such occurrence.

Gold has always been associated with power, riches and divinity. This is why it has always been part of important royal regalia like jewellery and sceptres.

What is gold’s continued legacy?

The world is changing at a super fast rate with countries merging, wars changing political landscapes and new and exciting innovations hitting shelves all the time.

However we are still as fascinated by gold as we ever were. This is because it is still incredibly rare. Only 88 tons of gold have been extracted from the earth in the entire history of the human race, even in our advanced times.

Our fascination with gold has permeated into our language, our cultural institutions and our games.

For example, we use “golden” to mean the best, optimum and what to aspire to in phrases like “that was our golden age”, “the golden rule is…”, “gold membership” etc…

We also still adhere to the Ancient Greek gold, silver and bronze standard in games and competitions.

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