The biggest hurdle?

One of the things I didn’t really think about when ordering Lola (my Mac Mini Core Duo) was that my MP3 player of choice was not (shock horror) an iPod!

True, I do own a wee iPod Shuffle, 512MB and I do sometimes still use it. It’s very small and light and if I just want something to listen to for a little while then the Shuffle does the job.

However, my main MP3 player is a Creative Labs Zen Touch 20GB.

An MP3 player really only became an important item for me during the last twelve months. This was mainly due to podcasts. The first one I had really become hooked on was Tips From The Top Floor and now podcasts have become an important source of news, information and entertainment for me.

I was quite astonished to find that I could use my Zen on my Mac. If I had one of the older PowerPC models then I might even have been able to integrate the Zen within iTunes. However I had an Intel Mac and the plugin wouldn’t work for me.

What I did find was an excellent piece of software called XNJB. XNJB works a treat! The only thing that is missing from it that I really would like to see is synchronisation - but that is on the ‘to do list’ of the developer so I’m hopeful of seeing it sometime. XNJB is free software, open source and a Universal Binary! What more could you ask?

Talking of which, one of the handy resources I found during my two weeks wait for Lola to arrive was Open Source Mac. I’ll add a link to it in the sidebar.