Sickness and Diseases

Okay, so here I am doing more to make myself fit and healthy than I have for erm, quite a long time. And as I sit here I have :-

  • a cold
  • sweat rash
  • knackered foot

All this ‘get fit’ stuff is bad for you!

The cold is one of what has seemed like a constant stream of them passed on from my daughter, Shelly this winter. Hard to remember a few days when I didn’t have a cold.

The sweat rash is from all the walking. Try and make a difference to your fitness and get landed with some other horrible disease. For a long time I thought it was just my eczema back again, so I treated it as such. Finally the penny dropped and the various sprays, ointments and general gunk I’m using right now seems to be making a difference.

The knackered foot - I can’t believe this. I was sat using the computer last night, stood up and felt something happen to my right foot. It felt like I’d pulled something, it was pretty minor so I thought nothing more of it and went to bed. This morning I awake to quite a lot of pain in my foot and find that I can just about hobble around. I feel like I should be using a walking stick right now. There’s no way I’ll be able to do my walking commute for a few days, just as last week I only managed one day due to the cold and how it affected my breathing.

So here I am, bursting to get back into my walking, lose some more pounds, stones and inches - and there’s no way I can. I’m frustrated to say the least.

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