40 - 1

Well, today I hit my 39th birthday… which I guess means I’m into my 40th year. It was the first time I’d spent my birthday outside the UK. We left Shelly with her grandparents for the day and headed into Denver to snap a few photos. We had a little look at the Colorado State Capitol Building and then made our way up to Molly Brown’s House, though we didn’t go inside. Then it was along the 16th Street Mall just to look at all the groovy painted cows they have down there at the moment.

After we’d finished off downtown we headed up into the foothills of the mountains near Idaho Springs. We ended up driving up Lookout Mountain and visiting Buffalo Bill’s Grave, mostly for the great views of Denver you get from there.

When we got home we found Shelly had decorated the place with balloons to celebrate my birthday and then we sat down to a great birthday dinner of steak and birthday cake! Can’t go far wrong!

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