Botanic Gardens

Today was very likely the last chance I’ll have to visit Leicester Botanic Gardens this year. The gardens are about a mile from home and over the years have become a favourite place to walk, think, and take some photos!

For the last several years Leicester University (who own and maintain the gardens) have put on a display of sculptures in the gardens. These have proved to be great subjects for my photography.

I can lose myself in wandering between the sculptures, looking for interesting angles to take photos from. The light today was very harsh, it was an uncommonly nice day for September.

I really enjoyed taking this shot of a sculpture of a shark fisherman. I love taking wide angle shots, and I enjoy trying out odd perspectives. With this shot my camera was right on the ground, no way I could look through the viewfinder. So I just released the shutter and hoped. It didn’t come out too badly.

I’ll try to get back down there again next weekend, and then my next chance probably won’t be until next year. The gardens are only open during hours I’m at work during the winter.

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