Our first full day in Northumberland dawned wet. Just our luck. We’d had a few weeks of good weather before leaving home. But I’m determined not to let clouds and rain spoil our break.

We spent the morning just taking it easy at the cottage and then getting supplies in.

After lunch we headed out to explore the area immediately around us. We were keen for Shelly to get her first look at the sea so we headed towards the coast and found ourselves at Amble. Parking up near the dunes we put our coats on and set off for a walk along the beach.

Although it wasn’t actually raining now, it was still threatening to. Even though it was hardly ideal conditions, we couldn’t have Shelly not taking a paddle during her first trip to a beach. So, the shoes and socks came off and the trousers were rolled up and much fun was had splashing about in the little waves that brushed up on to the sand.

If the weather does improve at some point during the week then we’ll certainly be back to the sea to give Shelly the chance to try out her sandcastle skills.

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