Before Too Long

The evening of Friday 2nd June 2006 saw me down at The Musician in Leicester to attend the album launch of ‘Before Too Long’ by my friend, Kate Easton. It has been a long road to getting this CD out for Kate and I hadn’t seen her for getting on for a year I guess. I asked her for permission to take some photos during her set and she was very generous in permitting me to click away to my heart’s content. This was the first time I’d made an attempt at ‘concert photography’ and I was soon learning just how tricky
it could be. Not only do you have to deal with low light conditions, but there’s all kinds of clutter on the stage which ‘get in the way’ of the photographer - mic stands, microphones, monitors… And then you’re trying to capture a moment whilst not getting in the way of everyone else who’s come to enjoy the music. Did I mention low light? Okay, I was shooting with my Canon 20D set to ISO 3200 and with my 50mm f1.8 lens opened as wide as it can go. With that combination I was able to get shutter speeds ranging
between 1/60th of a second and 1/100th of a second. My 50mm lens when used with the 1.6 sensor size multiplication factor of the 20D gives an effective focal length of 80mm, so 1/60th was possible if I held very steady, but 1/100th was just fine.

I fired off quite a few from near the stage. Then realising that I was in need of another cold drink I headed towards the bar… only to find myself face to face with a friend I’d not seen for well… must be 10 years?! We’d not had any way of getting in touch with each other and I had no idea they were still in the Leicester area. After a frantic few minutes ‘catching up’ I endeavoured to return to the stage to fire off a few more shots, only to find that I had returned right at the end of the last song.

And how was Kate’s new album, ‘Before Too Long’? Bloody fantastic. I’m loving it to bits. Of the ten tracks on the CD, 6 are Kate’s own compositions. It’s hard to pin down favourites, they’re all so good, but if I had to single some out they would be ‘In Your Garden’, ‘Good Day’ and the title track, ‘Before Too Long’. The covers on here include a great rendition of ‘Loving You’ and ‘Which Will’ by Nick Drake. Kate does have a web presence on MySpace, although there’s
not a lot there yet. Not sure if she’ll be developing this in the future or not, but I thought I might as well link to it. She’s playing The Musician again on June 28th, so if you’re interested in some good music at a great venue then go take a look at their web site here.

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