Back in the garden

flayed stone ii.jpg

Well, Leicester’s Harold Martin Botanic Gardens anyway!

Today the sun came out and it was my first chance to pop down the road to see this year’s collection of sculptures. They’ve been putting on ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ for several years now, and as the place is just a stone’s throw from home it is often one of my favourite places to wander around with my camera - not only are there the sculptures, there’s all the trees, flowers and other features that are in the gardens anyway.

The photo above is a detail from a work by Peter Randall-Page entitled ‘Flayed Stone II’. He has used a boulder of glacial erratic granite to create the piece, carving concentric coils into the surface. I really enjoyed the way the ridges created these shadows.

I’ll be returning again and again over the summer to explore the shapes and textures in all kinds of different lighting conditions and to capture as many of the sculptures as I can (or at any rate as many of them as I find interesting).

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