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Suardal - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Chambered Tomb
National Grid Reference: NG 627 221

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How To Get There

Take the B8083 out of Broadford. Follow this road for about 1.5 miles. The remains of the tomb can be seen just off the road to the right just before you reach a 90 degree left turn in the road.

I can remember driving along this road on my first visit to Skye. As we passed this point on the road I remember looking long and hard at the green mound away to my right and thinking "must investigate that some time, looks like a barrow". We didn't have good maps at the time, certainly nothing that had this structure marked.

It was about 4 years later that I finally got my chance to take a closer look. A small booklet I had bought from the tourist office in Broadford mentioned the site but gave precious little information regarding it, other than the location. I have been unable to find any more information regarding this site. All that I can say is that it is a round cairn dating from the Neolithic.

There is no means of entry for modern visitors and I don't even know whether the mound has ever been excavated. A litter of boulders is visible at the top of the mound and there are traces of what I took to be some kind of causway leading off to the south-east of the tomb. This "feature" might have no relationship to the tomb at all, it could be of fairly modern origin, or maybe I was just seeing something that wasn't there. The south-east would be a significant bearing in relation to the tomb - the direction of the midwinter sunrise.

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