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Mitchell's Fold - Shropshire, England
Stone Circle
National Grid Reference: SO 305 983

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How To Get There

From Shrewsbury take the A488 to the southwest. You'll need to take a right turn towards Priestweston and follow this lane through the village towards Rorrington. The stone circle is signed and there is parking space for a few cars. You'll need to walk for maybe half a mile straight onto the common to the find the stones.

Mitchell's Fold stands in a wonderful setting, over 1000 feet up with spectacular views to the west. There might have been as many as thirty stones here once, now there are maybe half that number. The tallest stands over 6 feet high (pictured above) whilst some of the others are mere stubs protruding from the ground. The circle is roughly 85 feet in diameter.

In this area of Shropshire there were once three stone circles all within about a mile and a half of each other. Two now remain, Mitchell's Fold and The Hoarstones. The third circle was destroyed in the 19th century. It was called The Whetstones and was only a few hundred yards away from Mitchell's Fold. I think that I identified the remains of this missing third circle, but I can't be sure until I revisit the site at some point. The Hoarstones still stand, just a mile and a half away. We managed to spot them away over the fields but we were unable to contact the land owner for permission to explore. That'll have to wait for another occasion.

Legend tells of a giant who used to live at the circle with a cow that yielded an unceasing supply of milk. The cow was eventually drained dry of milk by a witch with a sieve. Just how this was achieved is not clear. The witch was apparently turned to stone as a punishment.

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