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Blackhammer - Rousay, Orkney
Chambered Tomb
National Grid Reference: HY 414 276

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How To Get There

Follow the B9064 from Trumland to the west. You'll pass a sign for Taversoe Tuick on the way. There is also a sign for Blackhammer and a small parking area by the road. The tomb is an easy walk up a slight hill, just a few yards off the road.

As at Yarso a few miles up the road, Blackhammer with its' fence and notice board looks more like some bomb shelter than a Neolithic tomb. It is one of the more severely damaged tombs that we visited as will become apparent once you enter via the modern hatch and ladder.

This is another of the "stalled cairn" type of tombs to be found on the Orkney Islands. A dry stone chamber is sub-divided by large, standing slabs of sandstone creating the "stalls". As you can see in the photograph here, there is a considerable amount of concrete protecting what is left of the structure. However intrusive it may appear in the picture it is better to have it there and still be able to see what is left.

Excavation revealed two skeletons, a stone axe, some flint tools and some Unstan Ware pottery.

Not the most impressive monument in this area, but well worth visiting as part of a tour of the others close by:-

Taversoe Tuick
Knowe of Yarso
Midhowe Chambered Tomb
Midhowe Broch.

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