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Assorted Standing Stones - Orkney Islands, Scotland
Standing Stones
National Grid Reference: given below for each site

A bit of a departure from normal form. There were several standing stones that I saw on the Orkney Islands, many of which I wouldn't have too much to talk about. Some of them are connected with other monuments, others are lonely megaliths in the middle of nowhere. I thought that the best way to present these would be to have a single page devoted to them. So here they are, in alphabetical order.

The Barnhouse Stone, Mainland show a map

This megalith is situated on Mainland, close to the A965 close to the Stones of Stenness and Maes Howe. The Barnhouse Settlement is just to the north. Grid Reference: HY 313 122.

I seem to remember reading that the sun sets over this stone, when viewed from Maes Howe just a few days before the winter solstice which is so significant at that monument (see my page about Maes Howe for more information).

Standing Stones Near Birsay, Mainland show a map

This pair of stones are in the middle of a field at HY 267 277.

Standing Stone At Deepdale, Mainland show a map

This megalith looks out over the Loch Of Stenness from the side of a hill along the A965, just north of Stromness. Grid Reference HY 272 118. There is a track that leads up to the stone, but I wasn't sure whether it was the entrance to someone's property so I played safe and tried to take what I could from the road.

Standing Stone At Frotoft, Rousay show a map

This stone stands close to a row of cottages on the B9064 at Frotoft on the island of Rousay. Grid Reference HY 404 275.

The Stane O' Quoybune at Birsay, Mainland show a map

This stone stands near the edge of a field, and in clear view from the A986 overlooking the Loch of Boardhouse. Grid Reference HY 254 263. This stone was said to go down to the loch at night to drink each New Year's Day and has to be back before dawn. Anyone who saw the stone moving wouldn't live to see another New Year's Day.

The Watchstone, Mainland show a map

Save the best until last! The Watchstone is a magnificent standing stone some 19 feet tall. It stands just over the road from the circle at the Stones of Stenness. It might have been an outlier to this circle, or it might have formed part of a processional way between here and the Ring of Brodgar. Grid Reference: HY 305 127.

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