Move to the prehistoric New Forest

Moving to the New Forest

In the south of England lies a new area to discover and move to. More and more people are moving to the New Forest, the largest remaining tract of unenclosed pasture land and forest. The attraction to the New Forest, is in fact, not a ‘new’ one at all, but was brought about in 1079 by William I who organised the area to be evicted of all hamlets and villages and made into strictly Royal Hunting land for the hunting of game and deer.

The New Forest National Park is 566km squared and full of lots of different activities and wildlife. to woodland walks with all the family, to bird watching, orienteering and much more. This destination has become such an attraction for families to move to simply on the location, the fresh air but all with the ability to just pop into town. The New Forest covers South West Hampshire, South East Wiltshire and continues to East Dorset.

Lymington is a port town on the edge of the west bank of Lymington River in the New Forest. The town itself has a major tourist industry due to its placing within the New Forest and the main yachting centre with 3 marinas. With a rough population of 14,000 people, Lymington was voted one of the UK’s most pleasant places to live 2011. Lymington has also been based in fiction, the most well known example being The Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat. It is home to Olympian Ben Ainslie and english musician Birdy.

Finding property in the New Forest is a hard task because there’s so much choice of where to settle. Whilst the marina area is nice for tourism, you might want to think about contacting an estate agent in Lymington for advice of moving further within the New Forest, and away from the constant tourism side.