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Dun Carloway - Isle of Lewis, Scotland
National Grid Reference: NB 191 413

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How To Get There

From Stornoway head southwest along the A859 for about 5 or 6 miles. You should find a brown sign pointing off to the right for Callanish and Dun Carloway. Follow this road past Callanish and continue north for another 4 or 5 miles. The site is well signed and visible from the road. There is a new visitor centre here, as at Callanish. No entrance fee is required, though donations are welcome. You can still walk up to the site without passing through the visitor centre.

Dun Carloway, Isle of Lewis

Dun Carloway was the second site that I wanted to see on Lewis after the Callanish monuments. I had heard tell of new visitor centres at both locations before we arrived and despite misgivings beforehand I must say that they have been very well executed. Both here and at Callanish the buildings are unobtrusive, the sites can still be visited without having to pay and you don't even have to enter the visitor centre if you don't want to.

Dun Carloway stands on a hillside, overlooking the ruins of blackhouses that were probably built using stone robbed from it. It's a fine location for a broch in that it can be seen clearly from a distance and the steep hillside below it would make for excellent defence.

Stairs at Dun Carloway

Part of the tower still stands to a height of around thirty feet on the side directly over the steep drop. At the other side of the building is the single, low entrance. I was down on my hands and knees to get inside. Once within the structure you can explore the various rooms at ground level (down on my knees again) and also climb a portion of the stairway that was built between the outer and inner walls. The picture to the left shows the underside view of some of the steps, although these particular stairs are no longer accessible to the visitor.

At head height you can still see a ledge running around the inside wall of the broch that would have helped to support a wooden floor.

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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive