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Corrimony - Highland, Scotland
Passage Tomb
National Grid Reference: NH 383 303

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How To Get There

From Drumnadrochit take the A83T west along Glen Urquhart for around 7 miles. The site will be signed, turn left over the bridge and follow the road for around half a mile more. The site is to the right side of the road, just over the stream. A parking area is available just before you reach the site.

Corrimony Cairn

About twenty years ago I stayed at the village of Cannich, just 3 miles away to the west of this site. I remembered seeing the sign to the site, but it wasn't the sort of thing that the rest of the family were interested in. I was still a young lad and I suppose that even I had my mind on other things, other mysteries - Loch Ness is just 7 or 8 miles to the east.

It was with mixed emotions that I made my way back to the village of Cannich between Christmas and New Year of 1998 / 1999. We drove along a narrow road by the side of the River Glass in quite treacherous road conditions thanks to the snow. The sight of the village was a fair relief, and it seemed that nothing much had changed in the 20 years since I was last there.

This time I was in the area purely to see the cairn at Corrimony, and it really was worth the death defying drive to reach it. The directions at the top of this page should take the reader along a much safer road to reach the spot, but if the conditions are fine and you like a scenic drive then the road beside the River Glass is highly recommended.

Corrimony showing surrounding circle

I hope you'll forgive my reminiscences. I really ought to say something about the cairn now. Corrimony follows the "Clava" tradition of tomb building: a large cairn of boulders with a low, narrow passage giving access to the burial chamber at the centre.

The cairn is surrounded by a stone circle. Burl counts 11 stones (of which he says that 4 are modern additions). I counted 12. Either I was too tired after the drive to count past 10 reliably or there has been another modern addition! Well, it's traditional not to be able to count the stones of a circle...

The passage entrance faces the southwest. Apart from being the general direction of the mid-winter sunset I'm wondering whether the entrance also lined up with something that I have spotted on the map since returning home. Just half a mile away there is a stone marked at "Mony's Stone" on the O.S. map. Probably just coincidence, but I would be interested to hear anything more about this possible alignment, or lack of it! For all I know "Mony's Stone" doesn't even date from the same period as the cairn. Any inhabitants of the village of Corrimony are welcome to comment.

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