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Loanhead of Daviot - Grampian, Scotland
Recumbent Stone Circle
National Grid Reference: NJ 748 289

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How To Get There

Take the B9001 North out of Inverurie and follow this road for about 4 miles. You will see a right turn signed for Daviot, ignore this and carry on for about another mile. There is another right turn for Daviot, take this one! At the T junction turn right and head past the cemetery (to your left). Just beyond the trees is a parking area with a scout hut. Follow the signed track for a couple of hundred yards.

Another fine Aberdeenshire recumbent circle, certainly a "must see" if you're in the area. The recumbent and flankers are to the left of the ring in the picture above. The boulders at the centre of the circle are the remains of a ring cairn 54 feet across. In the foreground is what remains a bronze age enclosed cremation cemetery. The stone circle is thought to date from the later part of the Neolithic so this is a good example of people recognising a particular site as sacred through the centuries.

There are supposed to be cup marks on at least one stone here, the one next to the eastern flanker. If they are still there then we failed to spot them. Maybe we were looking in the wrong place?

This was one of the more easily accessible circles that we visited during our tour of the area. Much of our time seemed to be taken up wading through very muddy fields. It was nice not be confronted with wire fencing immediately around the circle too. I know that they are supposed to protect the site but I wonder just how much protection they offer. Here I was free to wander and find camera angles, though the sun being so low in the sky and always towards the south made things tricky the whole week.

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Recumbent Stone Circles :-

A design of stone circle found in abundance in the Grampian region of Scotland. Typically they have a large slab of stone lying flat on the ground and aligned to the SSW, in line with the major southern moonset. In our "typical" recumbent circle design, the recumbent stone is flanked by the two tallest stones (known as flankers) with the rest of the stones in the circle being graded in size around to the smallest opposite the recumbent. There are often ring cairns within the circle.



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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive