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Broomend of Crichie - Grampian, Scotland
Stone Circle and Henge
National Grid Reference: NJ 779 196

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How To Get There

As you approach Inverurie heading North on the A96 turn right at the roundabout at Port Elphinstone. Turn immediately right after the garage on the corner. The site is in the field directly behind the garage.

This site has been thoroughly ruined over the centuries. The small, overgrown henge now contains three stones where once six had stood. One of them (in the foreground above) is a Pictish symbol stone which was moved here when it was threated by the construction of a nearby railway line. The carving on the stone is quite faint and there are better examples to be seen around Inverurie. The two remaining circle stones are not thought to be in their original locations. Across the field a surviver from a stone avenue can clearly be seen.

The henge, though small for this type of monument, is still clearly defined though when I visited the place it would have been quite easy to have fallen into the ditch due to the length of the grass and scrub.

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Pictish symbol stones deserve a more thorough investigation than I can give here. Very quickly the Picts lived in Scotland at around the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. The symbol stones are so named due to being covered in carvings of people, animals and abstract designs. I suggest that you visit Symbol Stone for further information regarding them.



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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive