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Panoramic Images


On recent site visits I have been experimenting with creating 360° panoramic images. These have been linked to from the individual site pages concerned, but I thought it might be handy to have a single point of reference for them all. The file size is shown in the table below to give you some idea of how long the panorama might take to download.

Site Name Type
File Size
Avebury (SE sector) Henge and Stone Circles
Avebury (SW sector) Henge and Stone Circles
Avebury (south entrance) Henge and Stone Circles
Avebury (NW sector) Henge and Stone Circles 177kb
Avebury (NE sector) Henge and Stone Circles 215kb
Down Tor Stone Row and Circle
Gors Fawr Stone Circle
Machrie Moor 5 Stone Circle 268kb
Rollright Stones Stone Circle
West Kennet Long Barrow

Panorama FAQ

Q. Why am I having trouble loading the panorama?
A. The panoramas are loaded into the web page by a java applet which is provided with the software I use. I can test with most common browsers for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac or Linux. If you have a problem viewing the panoramas using a particular browser or operating system then please let me know and I'll see what I can do about it. Generally speaking, if you have a working and up-to-date Java virtual machine installed then it should work just fine.

Q. What software do you use to create the panoramas?
A. A variety! Most of the images will now be processed using Adobe Photoshop. I might stitch the images together using Photoshop or Panorama Factory. The Java applet I use to display the panoramas came with the first software I used to create them with (a few years back now) : Pixaround Pixmaker. There is a free version available for download from www.pixaround.com.

Q. What equipment do you use to produce the images?
A. Originally I used my Canon MV30 digital video camera to produce a 360° sweep of the area. Back at home I would capture the video footage to my PC and then grab frames at regular intervals from the video. Recently I have acquired a digital still camera and the most recent panoramas have been produced using this (none of these have yet been published here, but they will be soon - watch this space). With either camera the use of a tripod is a great help to maintain a level horizon.

Q. Why so few panoramas?
A. It is something that I have only recently started to "play" with. As I visit and re-visit more sites I'll add more panoramic shots.

Q. Why does the image become so pixilated if I zoom in?
A. I have to cut the resolution and image size way down in order to make the panoramic shots a reasonable size for download. Each panorama file is around 2mb in size before I "optimize" it for viewing on the web. Whilst you might be happy to download a 2mb image file, I need to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage. The images should be fine to view as they are but zooming is not a good idea!