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Once news updates get relegated from the front page, this is where they go!

April 9th 2006 Blogged

After quite a bit of wondering whether there was any point, I've thrown a blog online. My blog will give me an outlet to talk about other things online. At the moment this is going to include my thoughts regarding switching from Windows to Mac, digital photography and anything else that crops up. There might be the odd mention of issues prehistoric on there from time to time, but this web site will remain my main outlet on that front. Not much on there as I write this, but do feel free to drop by as more gets added.

April 7th 2006 Switched

Phew - I think I'm about done for the night. I have recently made the move from a Windows PC to a Mac and being 'tight' about what software I used to edit my web site led to a few problems with bits of code here or there. I think it's all sorted now. 

April 1st 2006 A Couple of New Links

Heard from my friend Sue today and thought I'd add some links to her web presence.

March 12th 2006 Messing With RSS Feeds

I've added an RSS feed from the forum. Just have to find a good way to use it now!

January 28th 2006 Redirections, Redirections, Redirections

I've started on the big task of making this domain ( my official new home. I'm currently putting in place redirections from the previous homes of this site and making sure that everything has a home here.

January 14th 2006 Forum Now Online

The forum is now online and you should be able to find a button linking to it from every page on the site.

December 20th 2005 New additions

After spending a lot of time on "housekeeping" duties recently I have just added two more sites to the directory. Cairnholy 1 and Cairnholy 2 were visited back in the autumn of 2002. My notes seemed sparse and the photos taken with my first ever digital camera leave a lot to be desired over the results I would get with my current one.

I'm sure I've not done justice to the Cairnholy cairns, however, I feel delighted to be finally making inroads to the backlog of site visits.


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