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New Links

Eternal Idol

A blog covering the excavations at Woodhenge and the Stonehenge Cursus in the summer of 2006. Keep up to date with the latest findings.

University of Sheffield

Coverage of the Stonehenge Riverside Project excavations.


Alastair’s Derbyshire Stone Circles Page

Alastair McIvor's excellent and detailed study of stone circles in Derbyshire. Alastair is a co-conspirator with Andy Burnham in the creation of The Megalith Map, mentioned above. His site is also the place that I tend to point people to for a very comprehensive bibliography.

Ancient Places

A great little web site which has started off concentrating on ancient sites in Scotland and Cornwall. The webmaster (Alexander Burton) plans to expand in to other areas of the UK soon.

Andy Worthington

Web site of the author of "Stonehenge: Celebration & Subversion" and "The Battle of the Beanfield".

Avebury Landscape Photographer

The site of Pete Glastonbury, an accomplished landscape photographer who has done much excellent work in the landscape around Avebury in particular. He also produces a series of multimedia CD roms and DVD roms which you can purchase through this site (recommended by the webmaster).

Clive Ruggles Archive

An excellent archive of pictures here of sites under excavation by Dr Clive Ruggles of Leicester University.

Dolmen in the Netherlands

"Holland is a flat country. There are no mountains or rocks. But in the north of the country within a radius of only 20 miles, 53 megalithic monuments are scattered over a beautiful landscape. Granite skeletons of 5500 years old burial chambers. Where did these 20 ton boulders come from, how were they piled up and by whom and why..? What is the mystery behind these relics from the past..? If you want to know, read on. For the first time on Internet!"

Inner Hebrides Crannogs On the Web

An excellent set of pages put together by Dr. Mark Holley of the archaeology department of the University of Edinburgh. Mark gives a good introduction to the subject and offers detail on crannog sites on the islands of Mull, Coll, Tiree and Islay.

Keppel Henge

This web site details the work of Steve Irvine and Bill Loney who's work I have been following in fascination for some time now. They are constructing a stone circle in Ontario, Canada as a millennium project.


A great site with loads of information regarding the passage tombs of Meath in Ireland. Knowth, Dowth, Newgrange and more feature with some excellent photographs of the carvings.

Maes Howe Megalithic Web-cam

A continuing project to bring the splendour of the mid-winter sun set at Maes Howe to the WWW.

Megalith Map

A wonderful resource from Alastair McIvor and Andy Burnham. Use this to find any stone circle in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales and view any available web resources about the site. Efficient, comprehensive, indispensable!

Megalithic Mysteries

An extensive catalogue of prehistoric monuments around the UK brought to you by one of the brains behind the "Megalith Map". Includes sound recordings made at sites and a huge array of links to other related web sites.

Megalithic Poems Blog

A great resource of poems with megalithic themes. All collected and presented (and at least one of them written) by Littlestone.

Megalithic Portal

The Megalithic Portal: news, comment, gazetteer, links, directory, megalithic chat rooms!

Prehistoric Circles And Rows

A most impressive on-line journal of the findings of an experienced dowser around the southwest of England. The site includes detailed diagrams of the author's discoveries at many stone circles and stone rows.

The Sacred Island

The Chambered Cairns of Ireland investigated in relation to art, mythology and astronomy.

Stanton Drew Stone Circles

Information regarding the monuments at Stanton Drew from the Historic Buildings & Monuments Commission for England. Includes details of the geophysical survey that revealed the famous timber rings at this site.

Stone Circles of Cumbia

Cumbria, well known as the English Lake District, has been home to over 250 stone circles, many of which no longer remain, but there are still around 50 or so circles left. Some are well known, such as Castlerigg and Long Meg and her Daughters, but there are many smaller and less well known circles that made Cumbria one of the most densely populated areas of stone circles in the world.

Stonehenge Photos

"Stonehenge reflects a union with nature that mankind once had, but now has lost." A site providing high quality photographs of Stonehenge.

Stones Of Wonder

"This is a Web guidebook to prehistoric monuments in Scotland (dating to the Neolithic or the Bronze Age) which have orientations to the sun, moon or stars. It gives the background to the archaeology of the sites, to archaeoastronomy and to the previous work which has been done."

The Rollright Stones

All the latest news from the official web site of the stones.

The Kilmartin House Trust

"All the information about what's happening in this exciting area is here. Use our map and explore the astonishing collection of ancient sites. Start planning that visit!"

The Stone Circle Web Ring

Home of the finest megalithic web sites!

The Stones Mailing List

Discuss the megaliths with a small group of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly people. Created and hosted by the author of this web site.

The Stone Pages

About a week after starting my own ancient sites pages I discovered "The Stone Pages" and frankly wondered why I should bother to continue - and that was back in 1996, they've added a lot more since then! Paola and Diego have constructed a comprehensive set of pages here covering sites from France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Italy. You'll find QTVR movies of many ancient sites, up to the minute archaeological news and of course a lot of prehistoric monuments. A "must have" in the bookmarks of any self respecting, web browsing megalith enthusiast.


The Thornborough Henges are not as yet covered on this site due to the fact that I have not had the pleasure of visiting them. I would very much like to think that I will get the chance to visit these wonderful structures in the future, however they are currently under threat from a quarry development. I urge all readers to please visit Timewatch.org, read the information and sign the petition. Thank you.

Other Archaeological / Historical

Archaeology Safaris

Archaeology field trips & field schools for anyone with an interest in Archaeology - enthusiasts, students, researchers and archaeologists. We provide first class information & are specialists in Prehistory, Megalithic monuments & Rock-Art. Enjoy the experience of exploring the settlement areas, burial monuments and the ritual landscapes of our ancient ancestors. Get actively involved in new research and field surveys.

Destination: Machu Picchu

A beautifully put together site packed with information, photos and virtual tours of one of those places that I would really love to visit, but doubt I'll ever be lucky enough.

Get A Trowel

A site "dedicated to archaeological excavators, amateur and professional alike, who are tired of struggling to find the trowel they need!"

Journey Through Tikal

Take a virtual tour through the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala, a city that flourished over 2,000 years ago in Central America.

Orkney Archaeological Trust

The place to find out the latest news from one of the richest archaeological areas of Britain (if not THE richest).

The Council For British Archaeology

Council for British Archaeology Internet Information Service. "The gateway to British archaeology online". A great place to visit if you want to become more involved with archaeology.

Southampton University Department of Archaeology

Check for updates and latest information regarding the excavations at Avebury.

Thetford Forest Archaeology

Amateur archaeology in Thetford Forest, East Anglia. The author has been surveying the area for the last 10 years and here you can read his collected findings. Extensive and informative with great use of diagrams, illustrations and photographs. A really great example of what the enthusiastic amateur can achieve!

Earth Mysteries

From Watford Gap to Camelot

"Mythical journey along a real but relatively ordinary road. Or maybe it is a real journey along a mythical road - I'm never quite sure. It is a quest of sorts, ranging across history, mystery, the bizarre and the banal, starting in the middle of nowhere, and ending somewhere that probably doesn't exist. In between - the ordinary and the extraordinary, which often turn out to be the same thing."

Gatekeeper Trust

The Gatekeeper Trust is a Registered Educational Charity, No. 326416, founded in 1980 devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage. It seeks to rediscover the ancient art of pilgrimage as a way of journeying with an awareness of the sacred nature of our environment. It researches both ancient and modern knowledge about the landscape and shares it through an annual programme of journeys and workshops.

Mid Atlantic Geomancy

"Through the art of appropriate placement of both secular and spiritual structures, places where we pray, work and play, geomancers locate and shape spaces in harmony with both the physical and the spiritual environment of the place."

Northern Earth Online

On-line presence of the "Northern Earth Mysteries Group".

Places Of Peace And Power

Anthropologist/photographer Martin Gray has visited and studied nearly 1000 sacred sites and power places in 50 countries around the world. This web site features hundreds of his photographs with detailed writings on pilgrimage traditions, archaeoastronomy, geomancy, earth mysteries, ecopsychology and related subjects. Also included are comprehensive bibliographies and links listings.


Angharad Holmes Family History Tours of North Wales

I plan family history tours on Anglesey, and also on parts of North Caernarvonshire, based on your own Welsh family history. I will guide you to all the locations connected to your ancestors, and show you places where they lived, worked and spent their last years.We will also visit some of Anglesey’s varied and interesting archaeological sites, castles, natural and historical sites both on Anglesey and the mainland..

English Heritage

The official web presence of the people who care for a lot of the ancient monuments in the UK, including Stonehenge and Avebury.

Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland safeguards the nation's built heritage and promotes its understanding and enjoyment on behalf of Scottish Ministers. In our web site you can find information on more than 300 properties in our care and Scotland's listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments. We also have resources for schools and details on technical conservation and research.

National Monuments Record of Scotland

Orkneyjar - The Heritage of the Orkney Islands

Anybody who is thinking of visiting the islands, or simply has an interest in them should visit this site and bookmark it! Webmaster Sigurd Towrie has woven a rich tapestry of local folklore and history. Read about the Trows and the Selkie Folk, learn a bit of Orcadian dialect, explore the wealth of prehistoric Orkney.

Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales


Surveys, Interprets and Records the man-made environment of Wales Compiles, Maintains and Curates the National Monuments Record of Wales Promotes an Understanding of this Information by all appropriate means.

World Heritage Alert

World Heritage Alert is an online magazine that specialises in highlighting threats to the worlds heritage places, particularly focussing though not exclusively on human cultural heritage.


Art History Resources On The Web

Art resources on the web from prehistoric times to the modern day and from all over the world.

Egan Bronze - Fine Bronze Oil Lamps

Frank Egan has created a range of fine art oil lamps in bronze, inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman originals. They look wonderful on the web page, and I bet they feel even better held in the hand!

Jane Tomlinson's Picture Gallery

"If you love colour, life, shape, rhythm, magic, the stars and enjoy looking at things in new and unusual ways you're in for a treat as you view this a seriously starry collection of paintings by international artist Jane Tomlinson."

Make sure you check out the "earth magic" section!

Philip Lambert Paintings

Works of an artist who paints the landscape of southern England and is inspired by the ancient sites of the area.

Time Circles

Landscape and garden monuments.


Meet The Ancestors

Online home of the BBC Television programme with Julian Richards.

"Meet the Ancestors is BBC2's pioneering series that sets out to recreate our ancestors using the latest technology in facial reconstruction and scientific analysis. It is broadcast Thursdays at 9:00pm."

Time Team

The online home of the popular Channel 4 archaeology programme.


My Flickr Albums

Just a link to my photos stored on Flickr.

This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from Chris Tweed. Make your own badge here.


I finally decided that I might have enough to talk about to have a blog of my own. So, here it is. I'm planning to cover my thoughts on switching from Windows to Mac along with talking about photography and probably the odd mention of prehistory too!

Tips from the Top Floor

My favourite podcast - anyone interested in digital photography would do well to check it out :-

Short and sweet with non-techy tips that you can put to use immediately. Covers everything from image composition to post processing. No matter if you use a digital point-and-shoot or an expensive digital SLR. Tips for the beginner as well as the professional photographer.

Youngs Cameras

This is where I purchase all of my photography equipment and supplies. You'll always get good advice from people who know their products well.

Breast Cancer : Steps to Recovery

No Bra Required

The above two links are to the web site and blog of my friend Sue who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2000. Inspirational and informative reading for anyone who is living with this disease. Although her blog is linked from the rest of her site, I've provided a link directly to make sure you don't miss it.


Druid Soccer

A little game for Windows users. Much fun for free! Couldn't stop myself laughing for quite a long time, and certainly not until after I'd beaten the darned thing at a single player game. I want a networked version!

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