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Gors Fawr - Dyfed, Wales
Stone Circle
National Grid Reference: SN 134 294

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How To Get There

Take the A478 south from Cardigan for about 10 miles, to Crymych. Here take a right turn and follow the road through Mynachlogddu. The circle is to the right on the road on moor land. There is a small pull-in for cars near the gate.

Gors Faw on a wet December day.

We visited Gaws Fawr on a wet, dark day at the beginning of December 2000. There had been record rain falls in the proceeding weeks and much of the land in this part of SW Wales was flooded. So it was that we squelched our way from the gate over to the low dark shapes of the stones. Each foot fall was like treading on a water filled sponge.

This area of Wales, the Preseli Mountains, is where the bluestones of Stonehenge came from, and I had long wanted to visit the area because of this. I wish that we could have visited in better conditions. The poor light made photography difficult and the cold and the wet deterred me from staying long. I hope to return some day in better weather for a more detailed examination of the site. I would be interested to check out the possible alignment between the circle, two outliers and the surrounding hills, but the low clouds on the day we visited made this impossible.

The stones of this circle are small, two or three feet high, and set in a rough circle of around 70 feet in diameter. The two outliers mentioned are above are a couple of hundred yards away from the circle and stand taller and are easily spotted - even in weather like this!

Despite the poor conditions I did have a go at creating a 360 degree panorama of this site which can be accessed here. The image file for this panorama is 121kb in size, so it might take a few seconds to load depending on your connection.

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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive