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Hordron Edge - Derbyshire, England
Stone Circle
National Grid Reference: SK 215 868

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How To Get There

Follow the A57, Snake Pass road east towards Sheffield from Ladybower Reservoir. Just before the left turn to Strines Moor there is space to park to the right of the road. There is a fence here with a track just beyond which leads up to the circle.

This circle is a wonderful sight. It was all the more so on the beautiful morning when I visited due to the fact that I had just spent the best part of two hours trying to work out the best way to reach it over the moor. I made the mistake of following the path up towards Stannage Edge and regretted it!

The circle measures around 50 feet in diameter and seems to be in a remarkably good state of preservation. The stones are of the typical height for Derbyshire circles, between 2 and 3 feet. The views from here are fantastic, especially on the clear day that I was blessed with. The picture above shows the prospect to the WSW with the distinctive peak of Win Hill dominating the skyline.

As soon as I saw the view towards Win Hill I was wondering whether there might be any echo of this distinctive summit in the stones of the circle. At the time of the visit I was sure that I had spotted such a correspondence in the stone shown to the right. The very tip of the stone seemed to match the peak of the hill behind. Now I look at the photograph I'm inclined towards the belief that this was probably nothing more than wishful thinking on my part!

This is a site that I only learned of by studying the maps and I probably wouldn't have made the effort if it wasn't for the influence of good old Alastair McIvor. I'm very glad that he pointed me in the direction of this circle. I'm surprised that I have read so little about this little gem.

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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive