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The Bullring - Derbyshire, England
National Grid Reference: SK 078 782

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How To Get There

From Buxton follow the A6 north towards Manchester. The henge is at Dove Holes which is the next town along the road from Buxton. Opposite the turn for the railway station is a minor road with houses on the left side only. Park somewhere just after the houses end. There is a footpath leading over the field, take a left turn down a narrow alley into the recreation ground and then immediately turn right. The henge should be straight ahead of you.

This fantastic Neolithic henge is lost down the side streets of one of the less glamorous places in the Peak District. My apologies to anyone who lives there, but Dove Holes wouldn't have been on my visit list if it wasn't for the Bull Ring. My first impression upon seeing the site was a sense of wonder that it had survived at all, let alone in such good condition. All around the town are the scars of quarrying and yet the henge managed to just about escape that fate. However it is now surrounded by a play ground, a football pitch, a refuse tip and a church yard.

Long ago the Bull Ring must have rivalled the mighty Arbor Low, for once there were stones here too. They are now all gone without a trace. The central area of the henge is around 50 metres in diameter and the bank now stands around a metre high.

I'm quite surprised that the town of Dove Holes doesn't make more of its greatest asset. There aren't many towns in England that can boast such a site! You wouldn't even know that it was there without looking on the map.

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A henge is a roughly circular prehistoric earthwork consisting of a ditch and bank with a level plateau in the centre. A henge does not have to contain a stone circle but many do. Stonehenge, Avebury, Mayburgh and Arbor Low are all examples of henges which contain (or contained) stone circles. Woodhenge, close by to Stonehenge in Wiltshire is an example of a henge monument that didn't contain a stone circle. It had a series of wooden posts at its centre which might have been free standing posts or the posts of some kind of wooden structure.



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