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Barbrook Moor - Derbyshire, England
Stone Circles
National Grid Reference: Given below for each site

How To Get There

Barbrook Moor is located on the A621 between Baslow and Sheffield. There is plenty of parking space along the roadside. You won't have to go far from the paths through the moor to find any of the circles mentioned below, but Barbrook is a beautiful area to wander for a few hours, so take your time and enjoy the surroundings.

I first visited Barbrook Moor in the autumn of 1996 after Alastair McIvor enthused to me about the stone circles to be found here. There are actually five sites located around the moor but so far I have only visited three of them.

Barbrook I show a map

Barbrook I is located very close to the path at grid location SK 279 756.

The circle is around 12 metres in diameter and is made up of small stones, 2 to 3 feet high. This circle is shown in the photograph above.

The taller stone to the left of the picture (and shown in the close-up) marks the direction that the land slopes away off the moor. This circle seems to me to epitomize the typical stone circle of Derbyshire. Here are not the vast stones and circles to be found in Wiltshire, but their lack of physical size doesn't detract from their appeal. Circles like this one are more typical monuments than the giants to be found elsewhere. This is a great little circle in an excellent setting.

Barbrook II show a map

This circle is not far away from Barbrook I, but can be easily missed as it doesn't seem to be marked on the maps. The grid reference is SK 278 758, a little to the north and west of Barbrook I.

Barbrook II is quite unlike anything else I have come across on my travels to date. There is a low dry stone wall around 13 metres in diameter. Set in the wall are the standing stones themselves. The first impression is not of an ancient monument at all, the site looks more like a ruined sheep pen!

I'm not too sure that this was the original state of the monument, but I have yet to find evidence to the contrary. What is for sure is that within the enclosure was a cairn covering a burial pit in which a cremation was discovered during excavation, dating the site to around 1500 bc (radio-carbon date).

Barbrook III show a map

Barbrook III is about 2 KM NNE of the two sites described above, overlooking the northeastern shore of Barbrook Reservoir at SK 283 773 (this circle is shown on the OS map).

As you might just about see from the picture the stones are very small and hide well in the grass! I counted 22 stones on my visit set in a rough circle of around 25 metres in diameter. The actual count may be 21 stones, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you're looking at two separate stones, or one stone part of which is covered over with earth and grass.

I'm looking forward to returning to Barbrook Moor and hopefully tracking down the other two sites. If I manage to find them then I will of course add them to the directory.

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