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Kemp Howe - Cumbria, England
Stone Circle
National Grid Reference: NY 567 133

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How To Get There

From Shap head south along the A6. The remains of the circle are in a field to the east of the road, right next to the railway line nearly 1 mile out of Shap.

This circle has not been as lucky as the one at Gunnerkeld. Seemingly cut in two by the railway, narrowly missed by the A6 and overshadowed by the quarry works this has to be one of the most unfortunate circles I have come across. As we stood taking pictures (and being rained on some more) Linda and I wondered whether there might be any more stones on the other side of the tracks. There aren't. All that remains are half a dozen large, rounded boulders next to the embankment.

This circle used to have an avenue of stones leading from it to a barrow in the NNW. Some of these avenue stones can still be seen today, although the avenue was ruined at the time of enclosure of the common land. Just to the west of Shap are dotted a collection of standing stones which are the remains of this avenue. The Thunder Stone stands at NY 552157 and the curiously named Goggleby Stone can be found at NY 559151. Three other standing stones are marked on the OS map in this area.

My friend Andy Burnham has an aerial photograph of Kemp Howe on his Megalithic Mysteries site, and also has pictures of the Thunder Stone and Goggleby Stone from the avenue mentioned above.

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If you think that this kind of thing couldn't happen to an ancient site now, think again. Many are threatened by commercial interests, farming and vandalism. A good place to find out more about these threats is The Megalithic Portal.



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