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Chysauster - Cornwall, England
Prehistoric Settlement
National Grid Reference: SW 472 350

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How To Get There

Chysauster Ancient Settlement is about 3 miles north of Penzance and is well signed. There is a car park provided opposite a pathway that leads up to the site which is about half a mile off the road.

Chysauster was a site that I had heard nothing about until my first visit. Here are the splendid remains of an Iron Age village, a cluster of stone huts complete with hearth stones and querns, there are even covered stone drains. The stone remains are well preserved, walls roughly four or five feet high forming courtyards and door ways. I would assume that the roofs were made of wooden poles and thatch. The site was occupied over a 400 year period between around 100 BC and 300 AD, though it feels as if the inhabitants had only just left. The hearths, querns and drains probably account for this feeling, domestic artifacts that would have been in use every day.

There is a collapsed fogou at Chysauster and the field system is still evident (though viewing from the ground I couldn't make it out).

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Fougou :-

Pronounced "foogoo". A fogou is a stone underground tunnel or chamber. Nobody knows what they were used for, though suggestions include food storage, cattle shelter, refuge against attackers and ritual use. Fogous are found all over Cornwall and were generally built at the edge of settlements.



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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive