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Lamlash - Arran, Scotland
Stone Circle
National Grid Reference: NS 019 334

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How To Get There

Follow the A841 south out of Brodick for about one and a half miles. There is a parking area to the right (west) for a "viewpoint" and access to the local forest walks. Park here. The circle is on the opposite (east) side of the road, about 100 yards further to the south. Take care crossing the road, the traffic moves quite quickly along here!

I suppose we were fairly lucky on our day trip to Arran, the weather could have been much worse. We had just about completed our tour of Machrie Moor before the rain started to come down. However it had been grey and overcast with low clouds all day. As a consequence many of the photographs that I took that day look very flat.

Lamlash stone circle stands on raised ground just to the east of the A841 on the eastern side of the Isle of Arran. After leaving the road the visitor must pick their way over really quite marshy ground, through some tall bracken and up the slope to approach the circle.

I stepped out from the bracken and heather near the 4 foot tall outlier to the Southeast of the circle, and very nearly lost my boot in the boggy soil. Carefully approaching the circle I counted a "ring" of 4 stones ranging from around 2 feet to around 4 feet in height. The largest stone was the one nearest to the lens in the photograph above.

The site had been excavated in the 19th century and a cist was found in the middle of the circle.

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This prehistoric site has been rescued for historical reasons by History X's archive