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This web site came into being on 1st August 1996. Originally "The Ancient Sites Directory" was just one section of a general personal site - but it quickly took over everything else!

Originally the site lived on Demon Internet's "Homepages" service at www.henge.demon.co.uk. After a few years I decided to invest in some proper hosting and the site moved to www.henge.org.uk. At the start of 2006, after nearly 10 years online, I decided to move to a new domain name : www.prehistoric.org.uk (here!).

With the change of domain name I decided to drop the "Ancient Sites Directory" moniker - it always seemed a little cumbersome. From now on it will just be "prehistoric.org.uk".

In 1997 the site spawned what was to become a very successful online community in the shape of "The Stones Mailing List" - still going strong to this day.

The basic remit of this site has always been to give "beginners" in the world of megaliths a place to start looking. It is never going to be a fully comprehensive catalogue of prehistoric sites, as it is the work of just one person - me, and I only publish pages about sites I have personally visited.


About The Author

My name is Chris, I'm 38 years old, live near Leicester and I'm married to Linda. Our first child, Michelle arrived on 31st January 2003.

During the day I'm "Technical Services Manager" for a leading shoe retail company based in Leicester.

Obviously my passion for prehistoric remains consumes much of my spare time in one way or another. Either adding to and updating these pages, or actually getting out into the countryside and visiting the things. Fortunately this hobby crosses over with others such as walking and photography. Having a prehistoric site as the target of a walk adds a certain purpose to my perambulations over the moors of the Peak District, Cumbria and Scotland (when I can get up there).

Music is another thing that has always been important to me. My tastes are rather varied, but particularly favoured are offerings by Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Fairport Convention. For many years I have used the online pseudonyme of "Squonk" and although I use it less frequently now, then I can still be spotted in various places under this name. A little explanation of squonks can be found here.


The author exploring Quoyness chambered tomb on Sanday.


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Prehistoric.org.uk – FAQ

Why are you interested in prehistoric sites?

Do these sites have any religious significance to you?

Why haven’t you got any details for site x in area y?

Donating Photographs

I have been given a school assignment about Stonehenge

Can I use some of your photographs please?

What equipment do you use to produce these pages?


Why are you interested in prehistoric sites?

As a kid I was always interested in mysteries, I guess a lot of kids are. I was also interested in the past and used to love running around ruined castles. My interest really took off when I was around 22 years old. It was the summer of 1990, I had bought my first car a little while before. I had a few days off from work and wanted to go to a few places in my new pride and joy (a T registered Ford Fiesta that shook to bits once it got up to 60 MPH). I ended up deciding to visit Avebury in Wiltshire. This was the real start of it all. I was overwhelmed by Avebury, the sheer scale of everything was mind boggling, as was the antiquity. I loved the shape and feel of the stones, they were an art form in their own right. And I loved the sheer mystery of the place. Why was it built? What was it for? How was it built? Just who were the people who laid their dead to rest in West Kennet long barrow? What drove them to build a ditch and bank so large it encircled a village? What was the purpose of Silbury Hill?

I had enjoyed walking in the countryside for some time before this, spending much time in Derbyshire and the Lake District. Now my walking trips often had a definite goal as I would mark stone circles and barrows on my maps and work out my routes to visit them. It wasn’t long before the ancient sites took over from the walking.

The more sites I saw the more intrigued I became and I read heavily on the subject. There were so many theories, some of them highly scientific others seeming crazy. I have always approached the subject from the angle of curiosity about the past and also the sheer aesthetics of many of the sites. I’m more interested in archaeology than mysticism but the sites do have a spiritual effect upon me (that’s spiritual not religious – spiritual in the same way as standing on top of a mountain). I can’t help but to be awe struck at the splendour of the Stones of Stenness for example, the beauty of these huge standing stones seeming to defy gravity and the relentless Orcadian wind. I wonder about the people who erected them, the kind of life they led.

Do these sites have any religious significance to you?

I’m sure that many of the sites I visit had a very deep religious significance to the people that built them. My only interest in that religion lies in helping me to better understand the structures themselves and the people who built them.

You have lots of sites on your pages from Orkney, Derbyshire and Grampian. Why haven’t you got any details for site x in area y?

I only publish pages for sites that I have visited myself. All of the photographs on the pages have been taken by me (with the exception of a handful taken by my wife, Linda). I could just list hundreds of sites and copy photographs from elsewhere, but that’s not what it’s about to me. When you read a page from my site you are reading my own thoughts and opinions (influenced by what I have read and heard elsewhere of course).

Well, regardless of that I have lots of photographs of sites in area y. You’re welcome to use them on your web site.

That’s a very kind thought, but I like to visit each site I publish.

I have been given a school assignment about Stonehenge. Could you please tell me everything you know about Stonehenge as quickly as possible?

Stonehenge has such huge coverage in all of the media that I’m sure you just can’t be bothered to do the research for yourself. By all means read my pages devoted to Stonehenge. If you type Stonehenge in to a web search engine you’ll end up with hundreds of thousands of finds. Walk in to any public library and you’re sure to find at least a few books about Stonehenge. I’m sorry, but I’m not an unpaid essay writer here for your convenience. If you don’t find the contents of my web pages useful then move on to one of the others – there’s lots out there. If on the other hand you have any more specific questions regarding any prehistoric site then I will be happy to help you if I have the time. Maintaining this web site is a hobby for me. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to pursue my interest.

Can I use some of your photographs please?

If you want to use some of my photographs on your own web site then by all means do so with the following provisions :-

1.There must be a credit to “Chris Tweed” published alongside any photograph used.

2.There must be a link back to https://www.henge.org.uk alongside any photograph used.

3.You must put a copy of the photograph on your own web server, not just link to the image on my site!

If pictures are required for any professional publication then please contact me by clicking here to send an email and discuss requirements.

What equipment do you use to produce these pages?

It's ever changing to be honest. Until fairly recently it all used to be produced on a Windows PC, now I use a Mac and am greatly appreciating the extra security and robustness. I'm using Adobe GoLive for putting these pages together and use Adobe Photoshop for editing the images.

I've used all sorts of different cameras and scanners over the life of this site. Most of the photos here date from before I owned a digital camera and were taken with my dear old Canon EOS 500N, and then scanned in from the slides. More recently I've owned a couple of digital compact cameras and 18 months ago invested in a Canon 20D digital SLR and never looked back. There are only a few images on this site taken with the 20D - hopefully more to come!

A few more details of kit used can be found here.